Julie King is an entrepreneur who has accumulated over 35 years of international success, working within and consulting to hundreds of hospitality and tourism organisations across 36 countries. Over the years, Julie has developed a holistic view of the most significant areas of growth and change in international tourism through leading more than 200 consultancy projects in 24 countries. With the launch of Bonailie, Julie has a huge vision to shape the future of tourism by bringing global purpose-led tourism industry decision makers together, across all sectors, onto a collaborative platform to Connect to "Engage", Learn to "Grow" and Unite to "Impact".

Our Vision: One Million Minds - One Thousand Advocates - One Global Industry - One Earth

A purpose-led platform connecting enterprise to trade
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About Bonailie

Bonailie is a Global Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Community Platform which drives 21st century thinking. It is a hub for positive change that unites the whole tourism industry to collaborate for common purpose, to shape the future of tourism, drive a positive impact on the world and create a sustainable industry.


Connect with like-minded purpose-led leaders across the complete tourism supply chain who want to see a shift in the industry. Unite through the platform to collective shape the future of tourism.


Create a sustainable business or industry - shift to a 21st century business model. Learn how to restructure your business for scale and growth and create a purpose-led sustainable business model.


The Tourism Industry has been impacted beyond comprehension. The networks and groups in the Bonailie ecosystem are designed for impact and to campaign together