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thenetworkone is our business community. At its heart lie independent marketing and communications agencies: we have supported their values and activities for almost twenty years. Today it extends to include other independent creative professionals: freelancers, coaches and consultants, service providers and business partners for these agencies.

OUR PURPOSE: Our mission is to help the members of this community to work together effectively – and enjoyably; for their own benefit and for the good of the community as a whole.

A purpose-led platform connecting enterprise to trade
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About thenetworkone

Like One Earth, thenetworkone is a private, owner-managed company. We are established and legally based in London, England - but we work with independent agencies, their clients and other marketing and communications professionals all over the world. As of today, we have partners and clients in 116 countries. We have a small central team which curates and facilitates connections between all our stakeholders. Pitching a Client in the Germany? Looking for a Partner Agency in Indonesia? Need an Expert Consultant to help plan your own international expansion? Ask thenetworkone.


Independence brings self-respect, but it can be lonely. As humans, we need other people to talk to, to share experiences with, to be challenged by. We connect people in many different ways: through shared business initiatives, of course, but also through our conferences and forums, our webinars, our awards competitions, our mentoring and exchange programmes - and sometimes just because we think two people will like each other. Our company symbol was designed for us by a talented individual, Richard Costello (RIP) and presented without an explanation – but to us, it suggests people of different colours and sizes coming together and connecting around a common table, and leaving with a renewed sense of purpose.


We work in creative industries, where knowledge and craft are as important as talent and inspiration. No-one is born with the ability to take a beautiful photograph, or develop a communications strategy, or to manage a business. Back in the day, people were taught what they needed to know – “the Company Way”. Now, the consultants, trainers and coaches we work are more oriented to help people discover and learn. We have specific programmes to develop skills in many aspects of business and creativity. Take a look for yourself, or tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you find the right person to help.


We are a business, and we help other businesses. Businesses by definition, work with clients who have a need or a goal or a wish. Businesses (usually) make a profit and we are not embarrassed about that: individuals are naturally competitive, and it’s to the benefit of everyone that people and companies with motivation and talent profit from its successful application. We don’t support growth through unfair means: corruption, exploitation and ownership for its own sake. Growth is not always good: but it can be, especially where it is understood as the triple bottom line – people and planet as well as profit. Trade is the means to business success, and trade for mutual benefit means beneficial growth for everyone. Because we don’t own agencies, we can never tell them what to do. Our role is to facilitate trade through new business introductions, providing new capabilities and resources and voluntary collaboration, to achieve mutual benefits.